Tuesday, 4 January 2011

In the groove . . . .

Well thats it ... Christmas over - what a lot of fuss for a couple of days, how do people get through all that food in an over stuffed trolley, do people not realise that the shops are only shut for a couple of days not a couple of months.  Hope you all got what you wanted.  I didn't get any crafting goodies at all!! although I did get a couple of Build a Bears - I know I can hear you all saying I'm too old but are you ever really too old for teddy bears and one was chosen by one of our grandaughters which was really nice.

Hopefully the New Year has got off to a good start for you all although it was a bit of a shock having to get up so early to come into work but I suppose we'll be back in the groove by the end of the week.

Just got some new Kanban in with some really beautiful bird toppers, baby toppers etc.  Still awaiting the new Calibur which should be in early next week.

Also looking forward to Stitches in February which is the trade show where we find out 'whats new' and available soon,  I will keep you posted.

Now that the kids are back at school maybe you can find time to chill and get crafting again.

Take care


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